How Many Square Feet are in a Cubic Yard of Concrete?

Discover the conversion of square feet to a cubic yard of concrete and simplify your project planning.

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A cubic yard is a unit of volume, while square feet is a unit of area. Therefore, it's not directly possible to convert cubic yards to square feet without more information.

However, if you have a certain thickness of concrete in mind, using our concrete calculator, you can calculate the square footage that a cubic yard of concrete would cover. To do this, you'll need to know the thickness of the concrete slab.

The formula to calculate the square footage is:

The Formula: Square footage = (Cubic yards of concrete) × (27 cubic feet per cubic yard) / (Thickness of concrete in feet)

Let's assume you want to pour a concrete slab that is 4 inches thick (0.333 feet) using one cubic yard of concrete:

  • Square footage = 1 × 27 / 0.333 ≈ 81 square feet

This means that with one cubic yard of concrete, you can cover an area of approximately 81 square feet with a 4-inch thick concrete slab.