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Quickly calculate how much rebar you need for your next concrete project.

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    How It Works

    Math is hard enough; take a load off and use our free rebar calculator to quickly calculate how much rebar you'll need for your next concrete project. Calculate based on numerous types of dimensions and an unlimited number of each.

    What makes our calculator unique is the ability to add multiple areas of rebar in one sweep. Concrete projects are rarely just a single, clean area. Here, you can calculate everything at once.

    Tip:Your calculations will be saved automatically, so no need to worry about your progress being erased.

    Let's get calculating!

    Step-by-Step Tutorial

    Calculating how much rebar you need has never been easier. Follow these 2 simple steps to make the process seamless and efficient. Let's get started!

    Step 1: Choose Your Unit Type

    Select your unit type. This will likely be defaulted to your countries unit of measurement. Your unit type will be automatically saved for when you come back the next time.

    Step 2: Add Your Rebar Measurements

    Input the dimensions that you've measured for your slab or footing. This will include the length and width of the area, the edge clearance, spacing between the rebar and the length of the rebar.

    After that, your results will be shown!

    rebar measurements
    Rebar measurements

    Pretty easy, isn't it?

    Edit, Save and Repeat

    Now you can easily measure all of your rebar projects. Bookmark this page and your calculations will be here when you return. When you're done, reset the calculator and start with a fresh one.

    Explore Rebar Sizes

    Weight Per Foot
    3/8 inch (or 0.375 inches)
    0.376 lbs.
    1/2 inch (or 0.5 inches)
    0.668 lbs.
    5/8 inch (or 0.625 inches)
    1.043 lbs.
    3/4 inch (or 0.75 inches)
    1.502 lbs.
    7/8 inch (or 0.875 inches)
    2.044 lbs.
    1 inch
    2.670 lbs.
    9/8 inch (or 1.128 inches)
    3.400 lbs.
    10/8 inch (or 1.27 inches)
    4.303 lbs.
    11/8 inch (or 1.41 inches)
    5.313 lbs.
    14/8 inch (or 1.693 inches)
    7.650 lbs.
    18/8 inch (or 2.257 inches)
    13.60 lbs.
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