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#18 Rebar — Size, Weight, Use-Cases and More

Discover the use-cases, diameter, weight and more for this size of rebar.

Rebar Calculator

Calculate how much rebar you need. Choose your unit type & add as much rebar as needed.

Rebar Calculator

Calculate how much rebar you need. Choose your unit type & add as much rebar as needed.

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What is 18 rebar used for?

#18 rebar is typically used in specialized applications where extremely heavy reinforcement is required. Some potential uses include:

  1. Heavy Industrial Structures: In industrial settings where exceptionally high loads or stresses are anticipated, such as in heavy manufacturing facilities or large-scale industrial plants, #18 rebar may be used to reinforce structural elements like foundations, columns, and beams.
  2. Massive Civil Engineering Projects: In large-scale civil engineering projects such as dams, bridges, and highway infrastructure, #18 rebar may be employed to reinforce critical structural components subjected to extreme forces or environmental conditions.
  3. High-Rise Buildings: In the construction of very tall or exceptionally large high-rise buildings, particularly in areas prone to seismic activity or extreme weather conditions, #18 rebar may be utilized to reinforce critical structural elements and ensure the building's stability and resilience.
  4. Nuclear Power Plants: In the construction of nuclear power plants or other facilities requiring exceptional structural integrity and resistance to extreme conditions, #18 rebar may be used in specialized applications to reinforce critical components and ensure the safety and stability of the structure.
  5. Specialized Infrastructure Projects: In certain specialized infrastructure projects such as offshore platforms, underground tunnels, or deep foundation structures, #18 rebar may be specified to provide the necessary reinforcement to withstand extreme conditions and loads.

Overall, #18 rebar is reserved for highly specialized applications where standard reinforcement materials are insufficient to meet the structural requirements, and extreme strength and durability are necessary.

Size & Diameter

What size is 18 rebar?

A #18 rebar (rebar size 18) has the following specifications:

  • Diameter: 2.257 inches
  • Metric Equivalent Diameter: 57.3 mm

The number "18" in #18 rebar indicates that it is 18/8 inches in diameter, which simplifies to 2.25 inches, although the actual diameter is slightly larger. This sizing convention helps in identifying the rebar size based on its number designation.

Weight Per Foot

18 rebar weight per foot

To determine the weight of #18 rebar per foot, you can refer to standard industry weights for rebar sizes:

  • Diameter: 18/8 inch (2.257 inches)
  • Weight: 13.6 pounds per foot, or 20.285 kilograms per meter

This means that if you have a length of #18 rebar, you can calculate its weight by multiplying the length in feet by 13.6 pounds per foot.

An Example

For a 10-foot length of #18 rebar:

Weight = 10 feet × 13.6 pounds per foot = 136 pounds

This weight calculation is helpful for estimating the total weight of rebar needed for a project or for making sure you’re compliant with structural design specifications.

Ton Count

How many 18 rebar are in a ton?

More Rebar Sizes

Weight Per Foot
3/8 inch (or 0.375 inches)
0.376 lbs.
1/2 inch (or 0.5 inches)
0.668 lbs.
5/8 inch (or 0.625 inches)
1.043 lbs.
3/4 inch (or 0.75 inches)
1.502 lbs.
7/8 inch (or 0.875 inches)
2.044 lbs.
1 inch
2.670 lbs.
9/8 inch (or 1.128 inches)
3.400 lbs.
10/8 inch (or 1.27 inches)
4.303 lbs.
11/8 inch (or 1.41 inches)
5.313 lbs.
14/8 inch (or 1.693 inches)
7.650 lbs.
18/8 inch (or 2.257 inches)
13.60 lbs.
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