How Many Bags of Concrete are in a Yard?

Discover the number of bags of concrete in a yard with our helpful guide and calculation tips.

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The term "yard" can refer to both a unit of measurement and a physical space. In the context of concrete, a "yard" typically refers to a cubic yard, which is a unit of volume. It's equivalent to 27 cubic feet or approximately 0.7646 cubic meters.

When buying concrete, it's usually sold by the cubic yard. The number of bags of concrete in a yard depends on the size of the bags being used. For 80-pound bags, each cubic yard requires approximately 48 bags, while for 60-pound bags, each cubic yard requires approximately 64 bags. This means that for a typical home project that requires one cubic yard of concrete, one would need around 48 to 64 bags of 60- or 80-pound concrete mix in addition to other necessary materials such as aggregates and water.

To calculate the number of bags in a cubic yard, you can use our concrete calculator, or the following formula:

The Math: Number of bags = (Cubic yards of concrete required) / (Cubic yards per bag)
Bag size Bags needed (exact) Bags needed (rounded)
40 lbs. 89.78 90
50 lbs. 71.82 72
60 lbs. 59.85 60
80 lbs. 44.49 45

For example, if you need 2 cubic yards of concrete and the bags are 60-pounds each:

The Math: Number of bags = 2 / (1/27) ≈ 54.54 bags

Since you obviously can't have a fraction of a bag, you would need to round up to 55 bags to ensure you have enough concrete to complete the project.

It's important to keep in mind that this is just an approximation and that the actual number of bags required can vary based on several factors, including the desired strength of the concrete, the type of concrete mix being used, and the thickness and size of the concrete slab being poured.