How Many Yards Can a Concrete Truck Hold?

Learn how to determine the number of yards of concrete in a truck and optimize your construction projects.

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The capacity of a concrete truck, also known as a "concrete mixer truck," can vary depending on the size and model. These trucks are designed to transport and deliver concrete from the concrete plant to the construction site. The most common sizes of concrete mixer trucks in the United States have capacities of 8, 9, or 10 cubic yards.

So, a standard concrete mixer truck can carry 8, 9, or 10 cubic yards of concrete. This means that the truck's drum can hold that volume of freshly mixed concrete during transportation.

Keep in mind that the actual amount of concrete carried may be slightly less than the total capacity due to factors like residual concrete sticking to the inside of the drum and the need for space for proper mixing during transit. Nevertheless, these trucks are generally designed to transport the specified amount of concrete efficiently to the construction site.

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